Placebo School

Thank you for your interest in Placebo School. On this page you’ll find all you need to know to help you decide if you want to enrol.

  • 5 Modules

    Module 1: Placebo 101

    Module 2: How Other People Affect Your Mind and How to Stop It

    Module 3: Brain and Body

    Module 4: Illness to Wellness: How to Harness the Mind-Body Connection

    Module 5: Placebo 201

  • 28 Videos

    Each video is 5-10 minutes long and the content is designed to give you a broad and deep understanding of all aspects of the mind-body connection. The purpose is to build your belief in yourself and enhance your ability to harness the mind-body connection for health, healing, and wellness.

  • 28 Audios

    An audio (mp3) version of each video allows you to listen to the content on your smartphone, tablet, or mp3 player instead of watching the videos, or use the audios after the videos to refresh your memory of the content at your leisure.


The price of the course is £79.

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I wish to make this course accessible, as I have always tried to do with my talks and workshops.

So if you’d like to purchase this course for £79, you can do so right here, right now.

As soon as you enrol in Placebo School you will be sent joining instructions. All of the content is already on the site, just waiting for you.

Thank you for your interest in Placebo School.

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28-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely happy with Placebo School, there’s a 28-day no-quibble money back guarantee.

How Placebo School will benefit you

Whether you are a coach, therapist, teacher, trainer, doctor, patient, nurse, healer, or a person enthusiastic to learn all about the mind-body connection and how to put it into practice for your own health and healing, there is something in this course for you.

  • Learn the 7 different strategies for harnessing the mind-body connection
  • Learn why your brain doesn’t distinguish real from imaginary
  • Learn how your brain does what it needs to do to give you what you expect to happen
  • Learn the 6 different ways that the placebo effect works
  • Learn how meditation impacts your brain and your genes
  • Learn how other people’s’ emotions impact your body and learn how to stop it happening.
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